The escalating rates of disease among society must be reversed starting with you.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Mahatma Ghandi


Welcome to my program. This site was created with the intention of giving the reader the tools necessary to live a healthy, balanced, engaged, and happy life. Tools to achieve higher physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth, as well as an increase in health, fitness, and performance. My pursuit of knowledge and application of these concepts on myself and sharing it with my clients and others has helped me grow as a person. With a growing collection of information and knowledge it became harder for me to organize these thoughts into something applicable for my clients. Soon my mind was overwhelmed with ideas and numerous systems to help my clients achieve their goals. Unfortunately, while the majority of these systems worked, it is only the consistent application of one system that will eventually lead one to their goal. I soon realized that for me to help others efficiently, I must create a system for my readers and clients to follow.

Ahead is a system that targets all areas of your life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. If you want this system to work for you, you must be willing to explore each of these areas in your personal life. I have experienced it firsthand that stress at the spiritual level will channel itself into the mental, than emotional, than physical. Yes, I've had ailments in the past that disappeared as soon as I resolved issues in my personal life. All the stretching, strengthening, and massaging did not provide a long term solution.


If you are looking for a science-only based training program, then this is not the program for you (though I will start with it). I used to preach the scientific training protocols myself, but found it to be futile in achieving results for myself and my clients. It worked for some, but to assume a program is a one-size fits all is too naive. We are all different. A particular style of training may seems "excessive," but if it produces passion and enthusiasm for training in the trainee they will see their results. As long as the individual learns how to balance the variables, they will achieve results.

Provided that you follow this program and what is laid out here, you will achieve your goals.

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