IMG_1527My career as a personal trainer led me to the field of personal development. My philosophy when I approach personal training is that the body is only as good as the mind. My goal for all my clients is to help them improve their lifestyle while educating them in the world of health & fitness. We pay for college for knowledge to improve our careers, think of this as an investment for knowledge to improve your life. The only vessel we have in this world is the body our spirit resides in. Take good care of your body and your body will help you achieve any dream you desire.

The body is the reflection of the mind. If our body doesn't perform or look the way we want it to, it is because we have not developed the right mind set. This is true because 95% of our actions are dictated by our habits, and our habits are a result of how we crafted our mind at one point in life. You must go back and fix the problem from the roots. No matter what you do, you cannot change your body if you've always identify yourself with an image in your head. You cannot lose weight if you identify yourself as being an overweight individual who have no control over food. I am here to help you plant a new seed, which will grow into good habits that will form the life you desire.

"You first form your habits, then your habits forms you."

- Jim Rohn

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2014 : Level One Kettlebell Certification
2014 to Current : Founder of Thrive Fitness
2016 to Current : Student at Massage School Boston