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For you to trust me and my work, I feel that it is important for you to understand who I am and my personal background to fitness. I made this section so that you can see for yourself what challenges I had faced, and to show you that I may not be too different from you. We all have challenges, struggles, and obstacles in our lives, but the only difference is how we react to them.

I hope that through this video you will understand my character, and that I walk the talk rather than being all hype. Perhaps this demonstration of who I am will be the determining factor on whether you purchase a training package with me or if you want to attend one of my events.

I also hope that by sharing these projects with you, it may give you an extra boost of inspiration or to follow my footsteps in achieving similar goals!

My Transformation - From Beginning to 2014

My Story - My Drive

At Home Training

The majority of my clients I train them at home in the comfort of their own home. Many people believe that it is not possible to achieve their ideal physique or challenge their bodies without weights, but that is not true. I bring my own equipment to my client's homes suitable to help them achieve what ever goals they desire. Please check HERE for more information.

Personal Blog

I made this blog to help as many people as I can achieve their greatest potential. Through manipulating factors such as supplementation, daily exercise(s), & lifestyle choice(s), I'm going to extract the formula to become a highly effective person. There are many hypotheses (which is what the whole field of self-help & self development is all about) on what it takes to be a highly effective person, but my time as an athlete & fitness professional had revealed to me that it is experience, not theory that proves whether it works or not. For my audience (you the reader), I am going to release blogs about my performance occasionally. My goal is for my consistent improvement in each of the following categories: body, mind, & spirit.

As my blog develops, my goal changes, & I acquire more input from my audience (again that's you), I'm going to add or change the conditions in which I would consider myself a highly effective person. Please scroll to the bottom to look at what I consider to be qualities I work to master.

January 4th to January 18th 2015

December 1st to December 12th 2014


As of right now here are the qualities that I am reporting on in my blogs.


Appearance (Picture of myself will be included)

Cardiovascular output (Most likely running)

Strength & Muscular Endurance


My ability to stay on task & complete my daily habits consistently

My ability to stay focused & task orientated moment to moment (this is going to be based upon self analysis & evident through my ability to get my work done)


Living according to my values consistently

I hope that you enjoy my blog & learn from my experience as you take my experiences and modify it for your own benefits. Please message me on Instagram HERE if you have any questions or comments! Thank you! 🙂