Metabolic typing is a system of identifying an individual's unique metabolism according to their genetics. Everyone have different dietary requirements and there is no single diet or dietary scheme that is correct for everyone. Being a health coach and a bodybuilder  for the past six years, I have came by hundreds of different diets that claim they work for everyone. The paleo diet, the ketogenic diet, and vegetarianism are some extremes that I have studied and tried for myself. What I've found success with, a lot of my friends and other health professionals said "no" to. Once I came by the concept of metabolic typing and practiced the materials here; I found that I had an increase in energy, vitality, and focus. In the end, the diet that was best for me I was doing all along... even when others told me to do something different. The concept of metabolic typing have been developed by recorded results from researchers over the past 70 years(1). While I have not been able to find research specifically on the topic of metabolic typing, I acknowledge its validity through the trust of some of the world's top health coaches (such as Paul Chek and Charles Poliquin) as well as my own personal experience with myself and my clients. If you choose to prescribe to the Thrive model for health, fitness, and well being than you must also place your faith in the honesty and knowledge of those whom paved the way.

We need to first begin by determining your metabolic type. Begin by answering this free questionnaire: 

Primal Pattern Diet Typing Questionnaire

The ideal diet should put you into a state of well being. Qualities you will acquire after consuming your meal should include: state of happiness, modified blood pressure to what is ideal, improved HDL to LDL ratio, increased capacity to handle stress, ability to last between meals with good energy, good mental focus and clarity of thought, no cravings, optimal response to exercise, improved quality (and quantity) of sleep, improved digestion, improved body composition (decreased fat) and optimal health. Of course some of these things you may not feel (how does one feel optimal HDL to LDL ratio immediately after a meal), but the end result should be universal: you will feel good and healthy.

i. Fill out the metabolic typing questionnaire called Primal Pattern Diet Typing Below:

Primal Pattern Diet Typing Questionnaire

ii. Record what you eat for the next two weeks. Take notes on how you feel after one meal to another. I have created a diet tracker that you can either print out to assist you in this step.

Primal Pattern Diet Adjustment Tracker

iii. Very rarely will anyone acquire their perfect diet the first time. There will be some fine-tuning that will be necessary to find your correct diet. The form below will assist you on determining what steps you will need to take to return to your optimal energy zone.

Primal Pattern Diet Adjustment Form

I've also combined Eric Berg's suggestions from his book 7 Habits to Fat Burning to this section since I feel like it provides a solid foundation for food recommendations to succeed. While we move through the first month of improving your diet, I recommend you to consume more of the foods from this list (keep in mind the quantity of each macro-nutrient is determined by your metabolic typing):

Foundation Foods

Learn more about why I've decided to use this food guide as a starting point for your journey by reading this article HERE.

I understand for religious, personal (including allergies), or scientific reasons an individual may choose to favor or adapt dietary habits that eliminates the option of certain food groups. Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, and/or the atkins diet (to name a few) are popular diets people tend to gravitate towards. Please look to the articles at the end of this that may assist you.

Next Phase

Once you've completed the Primal Pattern Diet Typing Questionnaire, continue with the program by following your unique path below.

Polar Type

Equatorial Type

Variable Type

Dietary Restrictions

Vegetarians & Vegans

For more information about the content in this article, please refer to:

How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek

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Please note some of the information on here is made by me from my personal experiences and those working with my clients. Feel free to email me at for any question or comments!